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  • Promotion of domestic products


    With the aim of promoting domestic products as well as increasing the collaboration with the respective municipalities, IKC has organized domestic product fairs in: Ferizaj, Shtime, Lipjan dhe Viti. Fairs are important events for the farmers and other producers, as it is a good opportunity to expose products and services. In these fairs participated a large number of farmers of the four above mentioned municipalities: fruit and vegetable producers, milk producers and processors, beekeepers etc.

  • Exchange of experineces


    In the framework of exchange experiences with the other organizations in the region and with other countries, IKC has organized a number of such visits in: Albania, Macedonia and Sweden. Farmers from working region had the opportunity to see up close the work of similiar organizations in the above mentioned vountries. Furthermore, IKC have hosted farmers from Albania and Macedoni in Kosovo. In those visits, farmers had an opportunity to get to know one another and to get familiar with the different methods of work. Eksperiences benefitin one another have been exchanged in such visits.

  • Increase of capacities


    Since the beggining of its work, IKC is determined to increase the capacities of the farmers in Kosovo in general, southeast Kosovo in particular: Ferizaj, Shtime, Viti, Lipjan and Kllokot. IKC has engaged foreign and local experts of the interested fields for the purpose of increasing the capacities of the farmers and more. IKC has organized a large number of different trainings that are of interest for the farmers.

  • Community work


    community work is one of the most important pillars of IKC, and it is given the utmost attnetion. The integration and reconciliation of the communities in Kosovo still remains a challange that needs the attention of everybody involved. IKC has implemented a series of projects that concern such matters, moreover IKC organizes activites that involve all the communities living in Kosovo.

  • Lobying and Advocancy


    IKC works and takes very seriously lobbying and advocacy. One of IKC’s main goal is to enhance relations between civic society and central and local authorities. As a result of this, members of our organizations have had fruitful meetings with the authorities of the central and local authorities. In those meetings a number of concerns have been discussed and found solutions. Due to its work, IKC has managed to bring the relations between civic society and central and local authorities in a whole new level.

  • Gender Equality


    Gender Equality is a very important aspect of IKCs work, and it is one of the most challenging aspects. Women and other marginalized groups remains high priority of IKC’s daily work. In the last two years, IKC has established and functionalized more than 20 women’s groups, thus they are stimulated with grants for the income generating projects.

  • Income generating grants


    IKC in close collaboration with the local authorities and other stakeholders, have supported dozens of farmers with small grant for income generating projects. These grants are dedicated to different projects of farmer’s organizations and women’s associations.

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