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  • Municipality of Ferizaj


    Ferizaj is located in the east part of Kosovo, with a surface 345 km² and a population of 109,899 inhabitants. Ferizaj has 45 villages. It is known as commercial city due to the fact it is linked with the highway Pristina-Skopje. Today in comparison with other cities Ferizaj in the economic aspect it is considered as the second city after Pristina, as the most developed city in Kosovo. While for the number of population it took the third place.
    IKC since its establishment it is financed from the Swedish organization “WE EFFECT” implements the project “Alleviation of the poverty in the rural area” in the municipality of Ferizaj in these villages: Zllatarë, Nerodime, Dubravë, Surqinë, Cërnillë, Komogllavë dhe Rakaj.

    In the context of the protection of the environment IKC has managed different projects in Municipality of Ferizaj as: management of the domestic waste in the Nerodime village, building of green spaces in the center of Ferizaj etc.
    As regards of European Integration IKC has implemented the project “Kosovo Farmers towards Europe” financed by KFOS. The project included three municipality: Ferizaj, Shtime and Lipjan. These farmers have been provided with the knowledge of EU legislation in the field of agriculture.
    IKC commitment remains the expansion of the activities in other villages.

  • Municipality of Shtime


    Shtime is a small city which lies on the western edge of the Kosovo Plateau with an area of 134 km² and a population of 27.645 inhabitants. Shtime entered in one of the oldest settlements in Kosovo. It’s proving more factual information and the resources since the Middle Ages. About 48.4% of the territory is farmland. The municipality has 24 villages.
    Shtime is geographic triangle linking Pristina and Prizren, Ferizaj and Skopje and vice versa.
    In the field of the environmental protection in this municipality IKC has made the implementation of the project “Replacement of harmful economic activities to the no harmful environment ones”. The purpose of this project was that families involved in the primitive activity of lime roasting (where used fuel vehicle tires) engage in a new business not harmful for the environment.
    IKC since the beginning of 2012 within the project “Poverty Alleviation in Rural Areas” funded by the Swedish organization “WE EFFECT” is implementing this project in the villages: Zborc, Gjyrkovc, Vojnovc, Muzeqin dhe Gllavic.

  • Municipality of Viti


    Viti is a small city which lines in the southeastern part of Kosovo, in the east with Macedonian border and it boarded with Ferizaj and in the south with Gjilan.Its territory is 300 km² while the population reaches 47.408 inhabitants.

    It is an ancient city with old traditions and is recognized as a region of very large vegetable grower.IKC since 2012 within the project “Poverty Alleviation in the Rural Areas” funded by the Swedish organization “WE EFFECT” is implementing this project in the villages: Slatina, Mogilla, Binqë, Smirë, Begunce, Goshincë and Skifteraj.

    IKC has helped women’s associations as Sllatina and Binq with barbecue (sweets) machine for cakes. As wall as offering free advice and assistance in the application for agricultural grants, central and local. Most of them are successful beneficiaries.

  • Municipality of Lipjan


    Lipjan has a good geographical position, located in the central part of Kosovo. Its area is 442 km² with a population of 58.292 inhabitants. There are about 70 villages.

    There are well positioned for the development of many agricultural branches, otherwise it is known as a suburb of Pristina, it has good road infrastructure.
    IKC in 2010 has implemented a project to generate revenue with RAE families in the village Gadime.
    Through this project, which is funded by AED, USAID project benefited 9 family start-up grants for new businesses.
    IKC in the beginning of 2012 within the project “Poverty Alleviation in the Rural Areas” funded by the Swedish organization “WE EFFECT” is implementing the project in the villages: Teqe, Rubovcë, Grack, Varigovc, Medvec dhe Akllap.

  • Municipality of Kllokot


    The municipality of Klokot-Vrbovac/Kllokot-Vërboc is located in the south-eastern part of Kosovo, with an area of 23.4 km2. Its geographic position is convenient and is accessible to all other cities and the region surrounding Kosovo. Klokot has around 2,551 residents including Albanians, Serbians and Turks. The economy of the municipality relies on natural resources (mostly mineral water), agriculture and small trade businesses. IKC contributed to this municipality through implementation of various projects in economic empowerment of its residents.

    - Since 2012 IKC is implementing a project that seeks poverty alleviation and inter-ethnic reconciliation through organization and business development, financed by WE EFFECT.

    - In 2013-2014 IKC implemented another project in Klokot, focusing on empowerment of the residents through organization and business development, the project was financed by US Embassy.

  • Municipality of Shterpce


    The municipality of Strpce is located in south-eastern part of Kosovo, estimated with a population of 13.630. It is more importantly to mention that the economy of Strpce is mostly comprised of agricultural, tourism and small trade businesses. Agricultural and tourism opportunities derive from geographical position and relief of Strpce. Mountains, river flows and relaxing environment have contributed as steppingstones for cultivation of predominantly raspberry and strawberries. Strpce as a small municipality counts very few numbers of businesses approximately 110; mostly belonging to sectors mentioned above. Even so, there are some small firms in bakery and auto services. Both the local authorities, respectively the municipality of Strpce and inhabitants are focused on their key competencies which uphold the development of agriculture and tourism.

    - IKC implements the project Poverty Alleviation and inter-ethnic reconciliation through organization and business development, by including both men and women and all ethnicities without discrimination.

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