Initiative for Kosova Community (IKC) visited National Federation of Farmers in Macedonia

On September 20, IKC team has visited the offices of National Federation of Farmers in Macedonia and some of their members in Macedonia.

As part of IKC work planned with partner We Effect, is to conduct visits at member-based organization that have experience working in rural development fields in the region. Visiting NFF and meeting with their team, was one of the first steps toward the increasing capacities of IKC staff on well-functioning member-based organization models in the region. The aim of this activity was to observe the model of membership of NFF and the way it practically functions.

Besides meeting with NFF team, IKC had a chance to meet two of the members of NFF (one individual and one organization) to better understand both perspectives and practices.

IKC is thankful for the partners in the region such as NFF team, and is always seeking to exchanging ideas and experiences for improving our contribution for IKC members and the communities at large in Kosovo.