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Initiative for Kosova Community (IKC) is a nonprofit organization established in 2005. IKC works towards the development of rural society and increase the welfare of the population through contemporary models of farmer associations and cooperatives and a combination of developing programs such as capacity building and incentives for business creation. Our core value rely on inclusive programs, integration of all ethnicities in lucrative business activities.

Initiative for Kosova Community works with more than 900 farmers. So far, IKC has formed around 49 non-formal and formal farmer groups. Groups are characterized by more than 60% of women as members of farmer organizations. Projects are inclusive in terms of ethnicity, gender equality, and political orientations.

Initiative for Kosova Community mainly focuses on:

  • Community development;
  • Capacity development;
  • Women empowerment;
  • Inter-ethnic reconciliation;
  • Lobby and advocacy.

Despite beneficiaries and their families, communities, collection centers, local processors, local and central authorities as well as customers benefit from IKC’s projects.

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