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Call for Application

Call for Application

Initiative for Kosova Community (IKC), within the project “Economic and Social Empowerment of Women in Pandemic Time” funded by the Agency for Gender Equality / Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo. In the framework of the Economic Recovery Program for 2021, Phase II-Measure 4 – Financial Support for Projects and Initiatives aimed at improving the position of women in society and the economy.

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Seventh Annual Regional Conference on Challenges in Agriculture in Kosovo

On 18.12.2019, Initiative for Kosovo Community (IKC) organized the Seventh Annual Regional Conference on Challenges in Agriculture  in Kosovo.

This conference was organized by IKC within the framework of the project “Sustainable Rural Development and Reconciliation in Kosovo”, funded by We Effect that aimed addressing issues and discussing the challenges and obstacles that our country’s farmers faced during 2019.

Panelists at this conference were Mr. Ekrem Bajrami, Executive Director at IKC; Mrs. Shqipe Dema,             Director of the Department of Rural Development Policies (Managing Authority) at MAFRD;  Director of the Food and Veterinary Laboratory at the Food and Veterinary Agency ; z. Mufail Salihaj, Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, University of Prishtina. Participants to this conference were farmers, representatives of women’s and men’s organizations, officials from local institutions of south-eastern Kosovo, representatives from civil society, students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary in UP, and many other guests.

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